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MIPC and its birth…


The political turmoil that hit the country worsen in the late 60’s and was greatly felt in war-torn Mindanao with the all-out war against the communist insurgents and the Muslim secessionists. More so, the Muslim-Christian conflict deepens as military personnel composed mostly of Christians are pitted against the Muslim rebels.

Hence in 1971, with the efforts of the Mindanao Catholic Bishops, the Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Conference (MSPC) was established to help in the unification efforts of its people. Being extensively immersed with Mindanao realities, MSPC basically passed through a dynamic growth and development. MSPC evolved its programs vis-à-vis its expanding concerns and network.


It was in June of 1983, at its 5th Conference in Davao City that representatives of various sectors and faiths from all over Mindanao answered to the demands of the three faiths in the context of Mindanao realities and turned this activity into a momentous birth of the Mindanao Interfaith Peoples Conference (MIPC).

Today, MIPC continues to assume a key place in facilitating the formation of groups and organizations to pursue and strengthen the dream that is a just and peaceful Mindanao of different faiths living together in harmony and respect.


MIPC envisions a society free from social inequities, poverty and foreign aggression and a society working towards total human liberation where people are able to live out their full potentials and aspiration, exercise their faith freely and work as responsible builders of wealth and progress.vision


MIPC is an aggrupation of non-government nationalist development organizations and peoples organizations in Mindanao that acts as a service institution committed to the Mindanao tri-people poor of Lumads, Moro and lowland Christian communities through various capacity, conscious of the interfaith dimension of social development work.



1. To realize liberating ethno-linguistic heritage and aspirations of Mindanao’s tri-people poor Moro, Lumad and majority Filipino.

2. To develop homegrown solidarity groups of grassroots sectors such as farmers, semi-skilled seasonal workers, urban poor and lowly professionals.

3. To strengthen international relations that facilitate the creation of mechanisms of support for the tri-people poor’s needs, responses and rights assertion.




* understanding liberating thrusts of living faiths in Mindanao

* articulation of ethno-linguistic heritage and aspirations of the tri-people poor Lumad, Moro and majority Filipino.



* provision of direct services for the grassroots, creating alternative programs with them in response to particular needs of the most vulnerable sectors.

direct   directaction


* Maintaining conduit for international and cultural tour packages with the grassroots peoples that project and inspire self-determination.

natl2  natl

The Mindanao Interfaith People’s Conference (MIPC) has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Mindanao Interfaith Services Foundation, Inc. (MISFI) with SEC registration # DS-00270.

MISFI is the MIPC secretariate since 1983. It acts out the mandate of the General Assembly that approves the over-all thrust of MIPC.


Contact Us


Mindanao Interfaith Services Foundation, Inc. (MISFI)

Purok 8, San Miguel, Brgy. Indangan, Buhangin District, P.O. Box 81308 Davao City 8000 PHILIPPINES

Email: mipc_phils@yahoo.com

Mobile Numbers: +63917-163-3799; +63939-931-1008

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